Tourism Services
Touristic Services Management 
  • Full pre-booking advice to assist traveler selecting proposed convenient response to their travel needs and requirements.
  • Post-booking monitoring to detect promotions or opportunity to acquire lower applicable rates/tariffs  to guarantee best value for clients’ money.
  • Personalized itinerary planning and custom made vacation programs available to meet traveler’s specific needs.
  • Offering best available rates according to detailed comprehensive analysis of clients’ requirements matching allocated resources supported by Astra’s experience for negotiation to clients’ benefit.
  • Astra has full direct access to wide range of products under exclusive association agreement with most wholesalers of traveler services exclusively accessible to meet preferences and priorities of Astra’s clients.
  • Astra Travel Advisors are experienced and well trained to provide integrated response to cover travelers’ needs with effective planning and relevant bookings.
  • Astra Travel operates within an international network of professional travel services providers committed to best practices ensuring international standard applied to provide excellent customer services

Astra Travel proposes full range of products and services on both domestic and International levels including but not limited to:
  • Hotel Reservations.
  • Nile Cruises.
  • International Luxury Cruises.
  • Tour arrangements and guided tours are available in different languages upon individual request, for visitors or local residents.
  • Sight-seeing tours.
  • Car and Bus transfers.
  • Reservations and arrangements for ferry boats, rail, and road travel locally and internationally.
  • Individually designed tours for cultural attractions, museums, etc… in response to customers’ needs.
  • Reservations at exclusive restaurants, global hospitality and entertainments’ arrangements and venues.
  • Limousine transportation services.
  • Cairo Opera House and special events reservations and tickets
  • Theater, concert and special events bookings and tickets nationally and internationally.
  • Astra Travel team is experienced to undertake full integrated arrangement for managing global events and relative travel arrangements nationally and internationally designed to match efficiently clients’ objective, priorities, and preferences.